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Friday, July 07, 2006

Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake

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rich, moist, and perfect with a few sliced strawberries on top to cut the richness. I used butter from Rogue Creamery (which can be found at any Portland farmer's market) its high fat content made the glaze buttery to the point of being obscene. It was almost too much.

This is David Lebovitz recipe.

I'm not sure if anyone reads this, but over the coming week I'm off to Rochester, New York -- a place not known for food, but has the most incredible burgers you'll ever eat, and the best grocery store in the world. Whole Foods ain't got nothin' on Wegmans.

homemade pasta and sauce with pancetta

homemade pasta and sauce with pancetta
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Charlie made pasta -- he said it was hard, and his hands hurt from the kneading. Thick pasta, and a nice, chunky sauce with pancetta and Italian sausage that didn't take any attention away from the main feature: the pasta. Charlie has an amazing way with herbs and spices, and we could not stop slurping this good stuff up. The pasta recipe was from Mario Batali, and the sauce is Charlie's.

Where can you find the perfect chocolate chip cookie?

the perfect chocolate chip cookie
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In David Lebovitz's "The Great Book of Chocolate."

I've baked these twice now and have had numerous people tell me that this is exactly how chocolate chip cookies should taste. Soft, but a little crunchy, just the right amount of delicious chocolate, and walnuts. Although, in this one I subtituted coconut for the nuts. I love coconut.

I'm hungry just thinking about them.


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mmm, buttermilk cupcakes with buttercream frosting & strawberries and mint for a party on the fourth. The cupcakes are a genoise, but with baking powder. I've never eaten genoise besides my own, so I have no idea if I'm doing it right. It tastes fantastic, though, so I can't be entirely wrong!

Recipe from "The Secrets of Baking."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I am terrible at this! I really commend food bloggers that are able to eat out, cook, write a blog everyday, or twice a day, or every other day. Between student, work, and boyfriend responsibilities I barely have time to eat at all! So let's talk about Zach's Hot Dog Shack -- which I went to about a month ago now. I went there with my devastatingly handsome mushtache-wielding friend Pete, and one of his mega-foodie friends, so foodie it's scary, Chris. I remember from my beer haze something about only eating steak from kobe beef, and something about a $1,000 hamburger in Las Vegas. Anyway, on with the dogs.

Now first let me clarify, hot dogs have got to be the most repugnant food on the planet. I hesitate to even call them food. If I'm feeling trashy and want some pigs in a blanket I will substitute vegetarian hot dogs. I don't eat them is what I'm trying to say, but I do when I've had a few beers! I had a chili dog. Holy yum. A nice flavorful hot dog, with a good crunch going into it which leads me to think that it might be natural casing. Bonus points for that. The other place where Zach's scored points is that the bun stood up perfectly to the chili. I was nervous that I might just have a big, sloppy mess, but this sturdy bun held it all together! The only bad part was the temperature of the chili. It really could've been hotter. Why is it that whenever you got a chili dog or hamburger with chili on it the chili is always cooler than the hot dog or hamburger? I've had this experience a few times now.

Now on to last nights pasta salad. It started out beautifully until I added the goat feta crumbles. I knew I should've saved them for putting on top, and not mixed them in but I just couldn't help myself! Needless to say the ugliest pasta salad in the world turned out to be delicious. It had fresh herbs from my mini indoor herb garden: parsley, purple basil, and regular basil. Olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, goatzarella, roasted red peppers, soprassata, chick peas, and asparagus. Its base was a $.69 bag of penne from Trader Joe's. How do we love thee Trader Joe's? You make everything so delightfully cheap for us.

Now, off to the Farmer's Market!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A week where I ate too much food.

Zach's Hot Dog Shack
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After perusing many Portland food blogs raving about the likes of Ken's Artisan Bakery, and Sahagun Chocolates I planned myself a day of food debauchery.

After my biology class was over at 2:30 I hopped on the light-rail, and went downtown. My first stop was Sahagun Chocolates. This shop is on NW 16th and Burnside, and would be very easy to miss. In fact when I got to that intersection (on foot) I was convinced that I misread the address and should be on the east side of Portland, and then I spotted it, nestled under some trees. I squeezed in the door, and was surprised by the fact that the shop was so small I could barely fit my right ass cheek in. I was greeted by a friendly girl, but not the owner as I was hoping, and she explained the chocolates to me, offered me a sample of something marvelous, and then I was definitely convinced that all the talk was true. I decided on a caramel fitted with a hazelnut on top, a jasmine truffle, and a mint and orange truffle. These chocolates are stunning, a crime to even touch. The girl tucked them carefully into a little chinese take-out food container, and I pranced out the door. The three chocolates cost $6.50.

After a ten or so block walk, and a run-in with a classmate I arrived at Ken's Artisan Bakery only to discover that I had indeed been here before, but had no recollection of what I'd eaten. I decided on a fresh roasted turkey sandwich with some kind of cheese (gruyere? i don't remember now) garlic aioli, and local mixed greens served on a baguette. YUM. The baguette was brilliant, shattering when you sunk your teeth into it. Good and fresh, whats not to like? Not too garlicky, but I must admit that the greens were kinda lame. I was also elated to see macarons, which I have seen all over the blog-o-sphere but never eaten. I ordered a chocolate, coconut, and the girl helping me threw in a mint one for free. I am now a huge macaron fan. These were just a tad too sweet, but overall macarons and I are now in love.

When I arrived back home I prepared for the revelation that is Sahagun chocolates. First, the caramel. You pop it whole into your mouth and it explodes with beautiful, slightly burnt caramel. The truffles were delicate and the flavors were subtle, and now I'm an official chocolate snob.

Now that I have achieved a level of verbosity that I didn't know I had I will stop, and post about that fabulous photo sometime later, like tomorrow.

Katie at Mt. St. Helens

Katie at Mt. St. Helens
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Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been busy doing things like hiking near an active volcano! That day my brother and I had breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot, Helser's on Alberta. Everything I've had there is good, and topped off with fresh cracked pepper. That morning I had the pepper bacon, cheddar, and potato hash topped with two perfectly poached eggs. My brother had a salmon quiche that he really enjoyed, and he went back the next day and had a goat cheese (and something else) quiche that was also delish. The best way to go to Helser's, though, is to arrive before nine a.m. where you can choose from their half priced, half portions menu. My favorite thing to get (and share) is a fabulous egg benedict on a homemade crumpet, and a german pancake.

In addition to that hearty breakfast we stopped for some burritos from La Bonita before heading up to the mountain. I am so lucky to live three blocks from this outrageously delicious taqueria. Everything on their menu is wonderful, and fresh, but my staple is the carne asada burrito. The meat is tender, and insanely flavorful, and their beans and rice are oh-so-comforting.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm in need of posting here! I have had many fabulous taste sensations over the past few days that I need to take a few moments to pause and consider and write about. I'm simply salivating over my treats at Ken's (awesome) Artisan Bakery, Sahagun Chocolates, lattes and apricot scones, tall, dark pints of Deschutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter, Horse Brass fries, and the most fun thing yet: Zach's Hot Dog Shack!

Hopefully I'll get to do a decent update about all of the aforementioned places, but I'm working extra hours this week, and I might actually study sometime. If you need some entertainment I'd suggest reading the most insane post about a 22 course meal from a very funny lady. The Resturant Whore doesn't know it, but we're a little bit in love.

At the end of this week you can expect a cake for Charlie's birthday. Vanilla layered with the lavender blackberry jam from the farmer's market, a simple buttercream frosting, and I'm even going to decorate it! I've been planning this cake for weeks, and I'm so excited that I can finally make it! Life is hard when you are fantasizing about cakes to be baked.

Now I think I'll indulge in a lemon-ginger muffin, and an iced latte from the coffee shop down the block. mmm stumptown!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spaghetti with green garlic

spaghetti with green garlic
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I saw this on the Amateur Gourmet a few days ago. He always has wonderful, simple pasta dishes. I let Charlie cook the spaghetti because he always gets it just right, and I always overcook it. I can bake up a storm, but I can't cook pasta properly. I suspect there is something wrong with me. In any case this yummy pasta has green garlic, shallots, lots of olive oil, a splash of sherry, a bit of butter, and my current obsession, lemon zest. With a salad of plain ol' lettuce from Charlie's mom's garden.

We said 'mmmmmmmmm' and 'yummm' a lot during this dinner. so, so good.

I read about a lot of complicated foods out in the blog world, and while they always sound wonderful, I can't help but just be in love with simple meals made with high quality ingredients. Or maybe I just hate to do the dishes.

jam and bread

jam and bread
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Today was a trip to the tiny, and wonderful South Park Block's Farmer's Market. My purchases included: Lavender Blackberry Jam, a Pearl Bakery Baguette, lacinato kale, radishes which will be slathered with butter later, and green garlic with will be eaten tonight! Charlie's mom also bought me a chocolate chip cookie, and a Stumptown latte. A delightful Portland day, indeed.
Growing up I always felt passionately about feminism. I remember being 12 years old, and being appalled that my mother could say that men are physically stronger than women. It bothered me deep down, but, of course, now I have no problem with this purely biological fact. My passion for feminism was never something that I could explain because it was purely emotion based, but now that I'm older I could give you all sorts of facts and figures, and make it all delighfully logical and without anecdotes. Academics hate anecdotes.

So how do I reconcile this with my overwhelming love for baking, flowers, and the creation of a beautiful home? Easy. I have a keen understand of one of the fundamentals of feminism: choice.

I choose to knead, sift, measure, and drink tea while I wait for my dough to rise. This was my first yeast bread! I didn't let it rise quite long enough on the third, and final rise because I was impatient and excited, so it's not as glorious as it could be, but that's all part of the learning experience, and the taste was simply delicious. And those sticky buns? Holy God. Best the boyfriend and I have ever tasted. So soft, and not too sweet. My recipe came from Sherry Yard's "The Secrets of Baking." A wonderful book, and everything we've made so far as come out like a dream.


Now I need to figure out how to post pictures from flickr to here. Anyone have any hints?
Hello, food blog world. I'm Katie. I have this incredible tendancy to sit around all day long reading food blogs, fantasizing about what I would write in my own, so I decided to start one. Unfortunately, I am lazy, so it's not going to be nearly as fabulous as some of my favorites, but I hope that I do get some readers, especially others that make $10 an hour.

By the way, I am more amatuer than the most amatuer. I would hate for anyone to think that I think I am anything other than I am. I just love to cook, and eat good food. So, off we go!