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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A week where I ate too much food.

Zach's Hot Dog Shack
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After perusing many Portland food blogs raving about the likes of Ken's Artisan Bakery, and Sahagun Chocolates I planned myself a day of food debauchery.

After my biology class was over at 2:30 I hopped on the light-rail, and went downtown. My first stop was Sahagun Chocolates. This shop is on NW 16th and Burnside, and would be very easy to miss. In fact when I got to that intersection (on foot) I was convinced that I misread the address and should be on the east side of Portland, and then I spotted it, nestled under some trees. I squeezed in the door, and was surprised by the fact that the shop was so small I could barely fit my right ass cheek in. I was greeted by a friendly girl, but not the owner as I was hoping, and she explained the chocolates to me, offered me a sample of something marvelous, and then I was definitely convinced that all the talk was true. I decided on a caramel fitted with a hazelnut on top, a jasmine truffle, and a mint and orange truffle. These chocolates are stunning, a crime to even touch. The girl tucked them carefully into a little chinese take-out food container, and I pranced out the door. The three chocolates cost $6.50.

After a ten or so block walk, and a run-in with a classmate I arrived at Ken's Artisan Bakery only to discover that I had indeed been here before, but had no recollection of what I'd eaten. I decided on a fresh roasted turkey sandwich with some kind of cheese (gruyere? i don't remember now) garlic aioli, and local mixed greens served on a baguette. YUM. The baguette was brilliant, shattering when you sunk your teeth into it. Good and fresh, whats not to like? Not too garlicky, but I must admit that the greens were kinda lame. I was also elated to see macarons, which I have seen all over the blog-o-sphere but never eaten. I ordered a chocolate, coconut, and the girl helping me threw in a mint one for free. I am now a huge macaron fan. These were just a tad too sweet, but overall macarons and I are now in love.

When I arrived back home I prepared for the revelation that is Sahagun chocolates. First, the caramel. You pop it whole into your mouth and it explodes with beautiful, slightly burnt caramel. The truffles were delicate and the flavors were subtle, and now I'm an official chocolate snob.

Now that I have achieved a level of verbosity that I didn't know I had I will stop, and post about that fabulous photo sometime later, like tomorrow.


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