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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

spaghetti with green garlic

spaghetti with green garlic
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I saw this on the Amateur Gourmet a few days ago. He always has wonderful, simple pasta dishes. I let Charlie cook the spaghetti because he always gets it just right, and I always overcook it. I can bake up a storm, but I can't cook pasta properly. I suspect there is something wrong with me. In any case this yummy pasta has green garlic, shallots, lots of olive oil, a splash of sherry, a bit of butter, and my current obsession, lemon zest. With a salad of plain ol' lettuce from Charlie's mom's garden.

We said 'mmmmmmmmm' and 'yummm' a lot during this dinner. so, so good.

I read about a lot of complicated foods out in the blog world, and while they always sound wonderful, I can't help but just be in love with simple meals made with high quality ingredients. Or maybe I just hate to do the dishes.


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