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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Katie at Mt. St. Helens

Katie at Mt. St. Helens
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Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been busy doing things like hiking near an active volcano! That day my brother and I had breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot, Helser's on Alberta. Everything I've had there is good, and topped off with fresh cracked pepper. That morning I had the pepper bacon, cheddar, and potato hash topped with two perfectly poached eggs. My brother had a salmon quiche that he really enjoyed, and he went back the next day and had a goat cheese (and something else) quiche that was also delish. The best way to go to Helser's, though, is to arrive before nine a.m. where you can choose from their half priced, half portions menu. My favorite thing to get (and share) is a fabulous egg benedict on a homemade crumpet, and a german pancake.

In addition to that hearty breakfast we stopped for some burritos from La Bonita before heading up to the mountain. I am so lucky to live three blocks from this outrageously delicious taqueria. Everything on their menu is wonderful, and fresh, but my staple is the carne asada burrito. The meat is tender, and insanely flavorful, and their beans and rice are oh-so-comforting.


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